Südtirol Classic Schenna

The Südtirol Classic Schenna is a must for every connoisseur among the classic car drivers. Even racing drivers like Klaus and Luca Ludwig have experienced the charm of this rally. The “Rally of Sympathy” enchants anyone who appreciates breathtaking views, sympathetic care and the best cuisine. 

But not only for the participants, this event is an experience: in the morning and in the evening, the village center becomes a backdrop for lots of sparkling chrome and timelessly beautiful carriages.

Motor Classic

Motor Classic believes in the power of expertise and commitment and that the values of the past can be preserved through technical training and the development of a community of preofessionals can be preserved. Motor Classic enjoys an international reputation for its faithful restoration. With a vertical range of manufacture of 100%, all skills are in one hand.

The CF Classic Academy supports Motor Classic in expanding its know-how in the rapair of automatic transmissions and rear axles. The production of spare party that are no longer available is supported by the party knowlodge of the Classic Academy. Motor Classic has a modern mechanical production facility for 5 years. Here, complicated spare parts can be reproduced that are no longer available to buy.

Luis Trenker

Luis Trenker is not just a brand. Luis Trenker is a way of life. This attitude to life suits the Südtirol Classic.

Together with the CF Classic Academy, Luis Trenker accompanies the annual vintage car rally in beautiful Schenna. In 2024 we will both start together again.

Coachwerks Restoration

Coachwerks in Victoria BC is the renowned contact in North America when it comes to the restoration of classic vehicles such as the Mercedes 300SL or the Porsche 356.

The CF Classic Academy supports Coachwerks in the regular training of the employees and workshop organization. The Classic Akademy visited Canada in 2018 and 2022.