Your Partner for Service and Technic

As a training partner for classic cars the CLASSIC-AKADEMIE can also transfer the know how into practice.

For repairs, overhauling, service, maintenance or only inspection, we are pleased to be your partner.

​Compared to pure reconditioning, the Classic Akademie uses Re-Engineering together with the CF-Fertigungstechnik. This ensures that a component at the reconditioning process is not just somehow repaired or fixed, but it is really reconditioned. Technical precision instead of a tinkered solution.

This can especially be important for safety related components. If it comes to an accident, nowadays you have the burden of proof toward the insurance.

A steering gear is a high safety component. There are even vendors who simply repair the steering gear. The Classic Akademie, however, works with the real technical documents and is able to keep records of the specified sizes.

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